Mosquito Lagoon Paddle
Merritt Island, Fl
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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October 7 2007,

Researching places to paddle while in Florida I came across a web site for The Mosquito Lagoon Paddlers.  Turns out they had a paddle scheduled for Sunday, the day after we arrived in Florida.  We e-mailed the paddle leader and asked if we could join the day trip.  Ann, the paddle leader, said sure and gave us directions on where and when to meet.

The paddle started, at a the end of dirt road, from a boat ramp within Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  We met four paddlers from the Mosquito Lagoon Paddlers Club.  The paddle started out very pleasant and easy.  After a little while it started to shower.  Which turned to rain.  Which turned to thunder.  We headed back to our cars and that ended the paddle.

I learned two very important lessons that day. 
1 -      When the weather is predicted to be hot & humid in Florida, don't expect to get photos from a camera that spent the
          night in the air conditioning of a house and the cool ride to the paddle in the cool cab of a pick-up truck.  The lens on one
          camera was so fogged over it couldn't be used.  The other camera was better, but had to use photo software so you
          could see the faces on the people.

2 -      When kayaking with a non-waterproof camera put it in a dry bag at the first sign of rain.  When the rain really started to
          fall I tucked the camera under my spray skirt - not good enough.  The camera died.

After the paddle we had lunch in the Country Kitchen in Oak Hill (just north of Merritt Island on US 1).  Good food, good prices good company.  What more could you ask for.

Mosquito Lagoon Paddlers:  Thank you very much for allowing us to tag along on your paddle.  A very friendly group of paddlers.
Cold lense haze.  Manatee area in Merritt Island.
Map of paddle route
The Paddlers:  John, Ann, Ellen, Susan & Jaro
The Paddlers:  Mary, Ann, Ellen, Susan & Jaro
Susan & Ann
Ann, Ellen & Jaro
A Brown Pelican flies overhead
Paddlers: Ann, Mary, Susan, Jaro & Ellen
Wonder what they are looking for?
An Osprey looking for fish
A Great Egret watches us from the brush
Luxury motorboats travel the intracoastal waterway, just on the other side of the small islands
Paddlers:  Jaro, Susan, Ann & Ellen
A broken, sunken boat
A Turkey Vulture soars above
Mary poses near the sunken boat
John (Susan, Ellen & Jaro in the background)
Jaro in a sit-on-top kayak
Ann, the paddle leader
A White Pelican flies past