Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Merritt Island, Fl
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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October 8 2007,

Went paddling yesterday and lost my camera to rain.  Bought a new camera last night and we decided to test the new camera out at Merritt Island NWR.  At least here I can protect the camera at the very first sign of rain.

Drove Black Point Drive a couple of times and BioLab Drive once.  We saw a good number of birds but not much else.  After spending the whole day in the refuge we only saw one American Alligator.  And of that one we only saw the head and that was late in the day.  I guess they were all hiding due to the heat.

Merritt Island NWR is always a pleasant way to spend the day.  The only real disappointing item was the visitor center being closed.  We tried during the hours on their sign but the gate was locked.
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Merritt Island road sign
Machinists on strike against United Space Alliance
Black Point Wildlife Drive road sign
A Great Egret walks thru tall grass
A Double-Crested Cormorant in a bush
A Great Egret flies past
A Great Egret stands at the water's edge
A Tricolored Heron
Close-up of a Great Egret
A Wood Stork in flight
Two Wood Storks watch from the far side of the water
Close-up of Wood Stork in flight
An immature Wood Stork
A NASA helicopter surveys the area
Two Wood Storks fly past
Two Wood Storks
Mary on Black Point Wildlife Drive Observation area
The scenery at Black Point Wildlife observation area
A Great Blue Heron caught in flight
The Great Blue Heron again
Called a 'Skipper Butterfly'.  Not sure which type of Skipper it is
A White Pelican flying right at me