Brevard Zoo
Melbourne, Fl
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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October 10, 2007

Mary & John met Jane (John's sister) in the zoo parking lot.  We spent a very nice, but too hot, day at the zoo.

They have an escorted kayak paddle around the African exhibits.  Jane and John went in one kayak and Mary had her own.
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Mary & Jane at the zoo entrance
Zoo docent shows John a small constrictor
Mary as a King Vulture
A variety of captive wading birds
A couple of Scarlet Macaws
There are 2 Boa Constrictors in the tent
A Brown Anole on a tree
An (African) Klipspringer
A very large turtle
Three very muddy White Rhinoceros
A Stanley Crane (From South Africa)
An Impala
A Thomson's Gazelle at Brevard Zoo
A Giraffe
3 Giraffes
A Close-up of a Giraffe head
A Ground Hornbill
Nyami Nyami River Tours (A kayak trip)
The kayaks we are gonna take on the tour
John & Jane (John's sister) get in a kayak