Wappingers Lake
Wappingers Falls, NY
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
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October 21, 2007

We wanted to paddle a place to see some of the autumn colors.  We decided on Wappingers Lake in Wappingers Falls.  No place we had seen had much color on the trees, mostly shades of brown, but we wanted to try any way.

We put in at a village park and, following the south shore, paddled east under Route 9 to a small waterfall on Wappingers Creek.  Following the north shore we headed west until we came to a good sized dam that blocked our progress.  Then back to where we started.

We didn't see a lot of color but we saw quite a few turtles and some birds.
Mary paddles past a machine for removing water weeds
Paddle route ~ 3.2 miles
A Double-crested Cormorant flies over Wappingers Lake
Another Double-crested Cormorant sits low in the water as it swims
A small plane passes overhead
John pauses to observe some of the autumn color
A line of Swans & Gulls in front of some colorful trees
More autumn color
Swans, Canada Geese & autumn color
A couple paddle a canoe
A little autumn color
Autumn color and a beaver lodge? or a pile of sticks?
Pretty picture of the lake & some color
2 Gulls standing on a log
Some greens, yellows & browns of autumn
John stops to look at the colors
The Route 9 bridge over Wappingers Lake
John in his Swift kayak