Moosehead Lake Region, Maine
August 22 - 29, 2009
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
A kayaking and exploring vacation with a friend, Bob.  Rented a small 2 bedroom house. 

We did manage to see one moose but think that a cold spell that hit while we were there might pushed the moose more into the woods.

We kayaked 5 of the 6 full days we were in Maine.  We saw some beautiful sights, pristine looking country and some wildlife.

If you are ever in that area there is an ice cream stand in the center of town.  Great ice cream.  We stopped by once every day.  As I said, great ice cream.
                                                                                      First day in Maine
Did some driving around and exploring.
Saw a cow Moose near the side of the road.
August 23, 2009
                       B-52 (Bomber Plane) Crash Site on Elephant Mountain
Crashed January 24, 1963 due to structural fault
The site is a designated as a memorial to those who died here
August 24, 2009
                                                                First West Branch Pond, Maine
Paddled on the pond hoping to see Moose.  We didn't
Saw some Loons and some beautiful scenery.
August 25, 2009
                          Moose Safari, The Birches Resort, Rockwood, Maine
           We try a guided tour on a pontoon boat to find Moose.  Didn't work.
Very rough water to and back from Mount Kineo
A slow ride up the Socatean Stream.
August 26, 2009
                                                                       Fishing Prong Pond, Maine
Bob fishes as I take pictures.
Saw a Bald Eagle & Turkey Vulture.
Entertained by the other fisherpeople that showed up.
August 27, 2009
                                                                       Prong Pond Paddle, Maine
Afternoon paddle on Prong Pond looking for Moose.
Saw no Moose but we did see 2 River Otters.
August 28, 2009