Cape May, NJ
Hawk Migration
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
Barbara and I decided to spend a weekend at Cape May, NJ due to all we have heard/read about the excellent birding there.

Everything we heard was correct.  The birding was amazing.  I have one photo taken from the hawk watch platform at Cape May Point State Park that has 11 hawks in it.  I have no idea how many hawks and eagles we saw that day.

They have official counters to record the numbers of each species of hawk that passes through the park on its migration south.  There are also volunteers that help ID hawks and answer almost any question a birder (or non-birder) could think to ask.  Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly.

I haven't learned hawks well and instead of putting up the wrong ID I chose to not label many of the pictures.  I hope to come back to the page in the future when I have more time and try to ID the hawks in my photos.

I took so many pictures that I split the first day into two pages.  Most of the pictures on the first day (Oct 9, 2010) were taken at Cape May Hawk Watch platform in Cape May Point State Park.  The second day (Oct 10, 2010) we started at the Morning Flight Project Platform, then headed to 2nd Avenue Jetty area to see the Black Skimmers.  We ended the day at CMBO's (Cape May Bird Observatory) Avalon Sea Watch to watch hundreds of seabirds flying past but out over the ocean.  On the way home (Oct 11, 2010) we stopped at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

A great weekend.  Many birds photographed and many, many more seen.  Hope you enjoy the photos.
Day 1 - Part 1
Cape May Hawk Watch
October 9, 2010
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Day 1 - Part 2
Cape May Hawk Watch
October 9, 2010
Day 2
2nd Avenue Jetty
CMBO Avalon Sea Watch
October 10, 2010
Day 3
Edwin B. Forsythe NWR
October 11, 2010