John's Trail Camera
2011 Web Pages
"Leave only footprints, take only memories"
(...and maybe some pictures)
Click on the date below to see photos from my trail camera around my yard.  I started using it to see the cats (and other animals) feeding from my feral cat feeding station.

- 119 photos of the feral cats that come to the feeding station I set up in my back yard.
   Also shows other critters that happen to wander in front of the camera
- 149 photos of feral cats at the feeding station.  Also the wildlife that finds the free cat
- 286 photos of feral cats and the wildlife that enjoys free meals.  I raised the feeding
   stations height from 2' to about 4' to try and keep the Raccoons out.
- 76 photos of feral cats and a couple of Raccoons.  Raccoons still get in and Big Blackie appear with badly injured left ear