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Our June 2012 African Vacation Diary

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6/20/2012 8:30am We were met in lobby of hotel by Wayo Africa guide, Joseph.  He took our little group of four on a tour of Arusha National Park which we booked independent of the Globus Tour.  We got to see some of the local life on the drive to the park.  It is a main road with lots of shops.  It seemed odd that most of the stores had English/American names, even though they were there for the locals, not the tourists.  Park was wonderful. We saw: giraffe, cape buffalo, warthog, zebra, boubou (bird), dove (with red eyes), sunbird, baboons, blue monkey, Verreaux's eagle, forest mahogany, African finch, colobus monkey, African fish eagle, Sodom apples (good for toothache), black raven, lion paw (plant w/orange flowers), waterbuck, bee eater, common fiscal shrike, lion eye (flower), bushbuck, teal ducks, black saw wings, adrenaline grass (grass so high you can’t see what is in there with you), white-browed coucal (bird), rainbird, crown plover, Egyptian geese, hadada ibis, hippo, sacred ibis, yellow-billed oxpecker, red-billed oxpecker 6/20/2012 7pm Hotel has a pizza shop set up near the pool.  This evening we had pizza (isn’t that a traditional African dish?) by the pool. 6/21/2012 7am After another delicious breakfast we met up with the rest of the Globus tour.  Besides the tour director, Robert, we met the drivers, Frank, Dieter and our driver Mwittah.  See group photo below.
"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)
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