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Our June 2012 African Vacation Diary

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The following is not just a web page of photos.  It is a diary of our trip to Africa.  Some of the information is here to help us relive the trip.  One of our group, Fred, kept a running list of what we saw to help ID the photos when we got home.  I will be reproducing the list here for our use.  I hope you enjoy the web page and the photos.  Note:  ALL photos used on these pages (including the header) were taken by me or one of our four member safari. 6/17/2012 ~12:30pm At Sallyann & Fred's house.  Sallyann's car loaded (to the gills) with suitcases and carry on luggage for four.  Sallyann's daughter, Crissy, is driving us to the airport. 6/17/2012 ~6pm Flight to Amsterdam in the air a few minutes early.  Clear blue skies.  Good sign for a new adventure. 6/18/2012 ~7pm Survived flight from NY to Amsterdam, long and boring.  We managed to find and get on the correct plane in Amsterdam heading to Tanzania.  Flying over northern Africa we looked out a small window and could see the Sahara Desert from 35,000 ft.  It looked like a large sand box full of sand dunes.  6/18/2012 ~9:30pm Landed at Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania in the dark.  (Northern Tanzania is very near the equator and the days and nights are right around 12 hours long all year)  Met at the airport by Globus Representative.  VERY helpful.  He managed to get us out of the huge line for in-processing and led us to a much shorter line.  Met Robert Marks, our Globus tour director.  Robert made arrangements to meet with us the next day at our hotel to brief us on the area, the tour and other useful information.  Ride from airport to Mount Meru Hotel, in Arusha, fast but uneventful.  Passed many buildings that looked like small old houses turned into bars or hangouts.  Early to bed.  We were so tired that we all but passed out.
"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)
Photo by Crissy Silk Flight