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Our June 2012 African Vacation Diary

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6/19/2012 11am Met with Robert Marks, the tour director and representative from Globus Tours.  He spent about an hour explaining ‘stuff’ to us.  He discussed Africa in general, the tour we were about to embark on, the dos and don’ts of Arusha and much more.  He answered all our questions.  Gave us a brief version of his life history.  The son of a Maasai chief with multiple wives, his mother died while Robert was very young, he was then raised at a local orphanage by Scottish missionaries.  He got a degree in Zoology in England.  His Maasai father made him chief of his village based on his education. 6/19/2012 12:30pm Sallyann, Fred, Barbara & John took a look at the inside of the hotel and a walk around the hotel grounds.  We asked, in the hotel, about walking around the grounds of the golf course next to the hotel property.  A Mount Meru Hotel security person escorted us to a gate in a fence common to the two properties and discussed our request with Peter (golf course grounds keeper).  Peter was willing but could not find the key to the gate.  We were then escorted to a gate that leads to a small dirt road on the side of the hotel property.  Hotel security waited with us until Peter showed up to walk us back to the golf course.  Peter then gave us a guided tour of the golf course.  We saw many new plants and some birds.  (Click on the buttons below to see photos) 6/19/2012 5:30pm Dinner at the Mount Meru Hotel café.  It was suggested (warned) not to leave the hotel property without a guide or escort.  Food was good.
hotel hotel grounds golf course
"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)