This page has a few select videos from our trip.  Some of the videos have the original sound track some have music.  We didn’t have any fancy video equipment, just cameras that also took video.  In windy areas the wind noise was pretty bad so I replaced it with Swahili music. Using the video player: Start: Click on the triangle/circle in the middle of the field (play button). Controls: To bring up controls while video is playing move cursor to anywhere on the video. Play/Pause: This button allows start and stopping of the video (videos loop so hit pause before starting another). Slide bar: This control allows video to be replayed from any time.  Just grab the control and move it. Times: First time is current play time.  Second time is total time for that video. (current / total) Volume: The speaker button brings up a volume control slide. Size: Last button provides a few options for video size.  If playing full screen hit “Esc” to exit.
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"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)
Wild Dogs (Video by Fred / sound: music) Tarangire National Park A pack of Wild Dogs were spotted on the road and the call went out over the radios.  Very rare sight.  Had been years since Robert had seen any.  They were very relaxed even with all the safari vehicles coming and going around them.
Elephants in Road (video by Barbara / sound: original) Lake Manyara National Park Three elephants walking down the road towards our safari truck.  They were very close.
Baboons Grooming (video by Barbara / sound: music) Serengeti National Park Two Olive Baboons sitting in tall grass.  One Baboon is grooming the other.
Elephant walking (video by Barbara / sound: original) Serengeti National Park Two Elephants walking through tall grass on the edge of the road.  One walks close enough that you can hear the feet moving in the grass.
Lioness with Cubs (video by Barbara / sound: original) Serengeti National Park Lioness near road with three cubs.  Mother greets each cub as it walks up to her.  Robert explains that they don’t know how to roar yet and we can hear the cubs meowing.
Almost Great Migration (video by Barbara / sound: original) Serengeti National Park Zebras and Wildebeests moving through a stand of trees.  The Wildebeests tend to follow the Zebras.  Some of the Wildebeests seemed to be confused and kept changing direction following one individual that was running in circles.
Maasai Welcome (video by Barbara / sound: original) Maasai Village Stopped at a Maasai village near the Ngorongoro Crater.  After we arrived the villagers performed a welcome dance near the entrance to the village.
Maasai Men (video by Barbara / sound: original) Maasai Village Inside the village the men compete by jumping while a couple of single girls (and many tourists) look on.
Lion Running (video by Barbara / sound: original) Ngorongoro Conservation Area Herd of Cape Buffalo running in from the left side of the shot.  They almost catch a pair of Lions unawares but at the last moment the Lions run away.  A herd of Zebras and Wildebeests graze in the distance.
Wildbeests & Zebras (video by Barbara / sound: original) Ngorongoro Conservation Area Wildebeest close enough to be heard going ‘gnu’.  Nearby are many Zebras and Wildebeests.
Secretary Bird (video by Barbara / sound: music) Ngorongoro Conservation Area A Secretary Bird walking through the grass hunting for something to eat with an occasional Zebra grazing in the background.  A nice pan out to show some of the scenery of being inside the crater of an extinct volcano.
Hyena with Snack (video by Barbara / sound: music) Ngorongoro Conservation Area Start with a wide angle scenery view then zoom in on a Spotted Hyena.  The Hyena seems very content to be by itself gnawing on a large bone.
Birds (video by Barbara / sound: music) Ngorongoro Conservation Area Near a lake with many Lesser Flamingos we spot many other birds.  In the video are:  Sacred Ibis, Black-headed Heron, Egyptian Geese and many Grey Crowned Cranes.