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Camping in the Adirondacks                                             August 18 - 25, 2012

Working on this page so long after the trip it is difficult for me to remember many details.  The photos help nudge the memories to the fore-brain.  For the most part it was a relaxing camping trip.  One highlight was seeing the International Space Station drift by overhead.  Some saw it once, but Barbara and John witnessed the event twice.  Once while kayaking and once, with the rest of the camp, while sitting around the campfire. I am not going to be going into my usual amount of detail on the pages and on the photos.  Too much time has elapsed and I am trying to get caught up before we start exploring in 2013. The players on this camping trip: Barbara & John (me) Laura, Carl & James Wally, Travis & Casey Gordie, Amy, Bobby, Stryker & Ali Friends that joined us: Joe, Kathy & Zacherie Brief time line of the camping trip: 8·18·2012: Arrive, setup camp and relax. 8·19·2012: Spent the day relaxing around the camp. 8·20·2012: Some more relaxing around camp with an afternoon kayak paddle. 8·21·2012: Drove to Paul Smith’s College Visitor Interpretive Center.  Visited the Butterfly House and walked                  the Visitor Center Trail. 8·22·2012: Spent the day around the camp. 8·23·2012: Back up to Paul Smith’s area and kayaked around Barnum Pond 8·24·2012: Would you believe, more hanging around the camp?  Okay.  We managed a little kayaking too. 8·25·2012: Last day.  Pack up and out.
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