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4/28/13 8:15am Bags packed and sitting on driveway at Barbara’s house waiting for Majestic Limo. 8:30am Driver early and we are on the road before the scheduled time of 8:30. 10am At JFK airport a few minutes before 10.  Scan a passport (Barbara) or river license (John) and the system prints out boarding passes.  Almost too easy.  Airport was very quiet at 10am on Sunday.   Lost lens cap during the searches. 12 noon American Airlines had us in the air about 2 minutes before noon.  Got a glimpse of the Grand Canyon.  Watched the country slide past most of the way across. 3pm Landed at LAX (Los Angeles) a few minutes early and only a few gates away from our departure gate. 4:30pm In the air on time and headed for Kona Airport on the Big Island (Hawai’i).  Flight was over water and mostly overcast.  Did not see much until our approach into Hawai’i when we could see two peaks visible above a cloud bank.  I am pretty sure it was the two high points on Hawai’i. 7pm Landed at Kona International Airport.  Managed to find shuttle to Budget rental cars. Got the car (a new Red Chevy Cruze), got Miz Garmin working, programmed for Kona Coast Resorts and we were on our way to the timeshare. 10pm Checked into resort.  Our room is 25-205 (building 25, room 205) Went back out and found supermarket (after driving around the shopping center for awhile).  Bed time.
Day 1
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Hawaiʻi Vacation - Hawaiʻi (The Big Island) Day 1