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Center Moriches High School
John Walters’ Picture Page: About Town:  Over the course of the weekend I found myself driving around and revisiting some of the haunts of my youth.  At some point I happened across Gail Field who was walking into town for some shopping, I gave her a lift and then she kept me from getting lost.  I has been many, many years since I drove around Center Moriches.  Below are links to the photos I took of Center Moriches. Friday Evening:  After several attempts to find out if anything was happening I managed to get in touch with Gail Fields.  She said she was at Meschutt Beach Park for the music.  Found the park and the music, and eventually, even Gail.  Music was good but a little loud for conversation.  Found out that John Kennedy, Judy Kennedy (wife) and Adela (Providente) Hanson and Gene Hanson (husband) were also there.  Then found out that more people were going to meet up at Senix Marina and Restaurant.  I headed into Center Moriches to Senix Marina and met up with Linda (Strebel) Rewt, Jane (Donahue) Allain, Ginny (Keegan) Gavin, Gordon Trautschold, Adela and Gene and Gail. Reunion:  The reunion was at the Sea Cove Restaurant (I remember as the Sunrise Restaurant).  The food was good but not as good as the company.  It was a real blast seeing everyone again.  I haven’t been back to CM in a long time.  Even longer from seeing many of the people at the reunion. People at the reunion (from Gail Field’s email list): Gail Field, Dawn (Shoener) Murray, Willie Hill (1971 Grad), Michael Donahue, Jane (Donahue) Allain, Ken Sexton & wife June, Carl Bruno & wife Bernadette, John Kennedy & wife Judy, Gordon Trautschold, Anita (Neuhoff) Neetz, Lorie (Titmus) Francis, Adela (Providente) Hanson & husband Gene, Steven Monzeglio & wife Rose, Linda (Rodgers) Bove & husband Brian, Beverly (Venerable) McCoy & husband Kirk, Linda (Strebel) Rewt, John Walters, Sharon (Baas) McClinchy, Hank Kurz, Linda (Fossett) Gargiulo & husband Tom, Debbie (Armstrong) Killen, Patty (Armstrong) Eaton, Steven Kronman, Ginny (Keegan) Gavin and Ellen (Graeser) Grarces. The Maples:  After the Sea Cove asked us all to leave a few headed to The Maples in Manorville, NY.  The music, again, was too loud to talk so we braved the mosquitoes and sat outside.  We could still hear the music. The Morning After (Breakfast):  The morning after the reunion a bunch of us met for breakfast at the Country Cottage Diner on Main Street in Center Moriches.  They did manage to squeeze us in and feed us. During breakfast it was suggested that we all meet at the old high school and pose for photos on the front steps.
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