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August 31, 2013
8/31/2013 – Day 2 7:30 am Had breakfast at the hotel and are now headed south-west towards Lake Lure, North Carolina. 8:15 am We made it past Hillsville without issue or much traffic and we are just turning onto the Blue Ridge Parkway near Fancy Gap Virginia. 9:15 am We pull over at the Cumberland Knob thinking it is a scenic pull off.  Doesn’t seem to be much to see but a few butterflies.  The view seems to be obscured by brush and fog. 10:40 am We are pulled off at the Little Mill Pond.  Got some photos of the Little Mill Pond and Joe Pye Weed.  It is one tall weed!  Also got some photos of Jewelweed, Aster (purple clusters) and a lot of purple wild grapes. 11:10 am We are not making very good time because we are trying to see everything.  We are now pulled over at Stone Mountain (formed 350 million years ago).  Due to the overgrown brush we didn’t think we would be able to see Stone Mountain.  Walking almost to the edge of the parking area we found a spot where we could see the mountain. 11:15 am Another overlook.  Bullhead Mountain at 3,200’ elevation. 11:25 am Yet another overlook.  This is Mahogany Rock Overlook 3,420’ elevation. 11:28 am Would you believe… another overlook?  This time Devil’s Garden Overlook 3,428’ elevation. 11:33 am Air Bellows Overlook. 11:41 am Brinegar Cabin.  Martin and Caroline Brinegar worked this 125 acre farm.  The cabin and gardens are still maintained.  They had built a small shed over a spring and used to cool pool water as a refrigerator.  A ranger was in the cabin demonstrating spinning.  She was spinning a mix of flax and wool into yarn.  The flax is grown on the farm. 12:35 pm We are only about 40 miles into the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We had decided to travel the times and way we are so that we could see the sights but we may never make it to our resort if we don’t move along some. 12:45 pm Bluff Mountain Overlook 3,421’ elevation 1 pm We decided we needed to program and follow Ms Garmin’s directions and head toward the resort. 1:50 pm We have been following the Garmin and haven’t made much progress.  We are sitting in the parking lot for the Blue Ridge Diner in Deep Gap North Carolina and are about to go in for lunch. 2:30 pm Back on the road and hoping Garmin knows where we are going… ‘cause we don’t have a clue! 4 pm We stop at a visitor center about a half hour from Lake Lure and our home for the next week. 5 pm We just found the resort welcome center/registration office. 5:50 pm We registered and found our unit.  We have taken our photos of the unit and stepped out onto one the decks (about 2 stories above ground) and there in the woods below us is a black bear.  He stood there for a while and watched us as we watched him.  I wonder if people throw food down to him.  He didn’t seem nervous about us watching him but just wandered away after a few minutes.  Barbara: “Amazing.  A beautiful young black bear.”  The entire week we were there we drove around the area looking for the (or another) bear but we didn’t see it again. Very nice place.  3 levels.  Master bedroom, bath and washer/dryer downstairs.  On the entry level (where the front door is located) is a spare bedroom with 2 double beds another full bath.  Top level is the living area.  Living room and dining room.  There are two decks on the back of the unit, one on the lowest level where the master bedroom is and one off the living room on the top floor.  Nice fireplace in the living room. 11:15 pm Unloaded the car and did a quick unpack.  Looked up Ingles Market (the local food store) in Lake Lure.  Found the market and it is open late so we decided to eat dinner before we went shopping.  We did a little exploring of the area and drove thru Lake Lure into Chimney Rock looking for a place to eat and noticed that most of the places looked closed.  We saw “Lake Lure Smokehouse” and stopped in for something to eat.  The prices were reasonable and food was very good. Then back to Ingles Market and shopped for food for the timeshare.  Garmin took us home a different way than we headed out on.  A very nasty twisty-turny road and over a long, one lane road (traffic in two directions) on top of a dam. Sat down to relax with some vanilla ice cream with Amarula.  A very nice way to end a day.
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
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