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September 1, 2013
9/1/2013 – Day 3 11:15 am Late start to the day.  Had breakfast and put a plate of bird seed out for the birds and while some birds are enjoying the free food it seems that the squirrels have seen this before.  At the bird seed:  grey squirrels, tufted titmouses & black-capped chickadees. Barbara made us sausage, egg, cheese on an English muffin (for John) and bacon, egg, cheese on an English muffin (for Barbara). 1:50 pm Finally made our way out of the unit and are driving around the resort, exploring and seeing what there is to see. 2:40 pm Found the beach and marina on the resort property.  Spent some time looking around. 3 pm Back in the car and about to head into Lake Lure to look around and see what we can.  It is a rainy day with thunder and lightning so not a good day to be out and about. 3:30 pm Found what we hope to be legal parking we are going to try and explore the “Lake Lure Flowering Bridge”.  After a new bridge was built and traffic diverted from the old roadway some of the locals decided to turn the old bridge into a beautiful flower garden. 3:50 pm We didn’t get very far on the bridge when mother nature (a down pour) chased us back to our car.  Before the rain we had noticed many people on top of Chimney Rock.  As the rain started we made it back to the car and noticed people still up on the rock.  Then the skies opened up and I felt really bad for the people on top.  They had to get drenched.  As a side note… the elevator up to the top is out of commission and you have to climb the 491 stairs (according to the internet).  So once up on top it is 491 stairs back down.  yuck. 7:40 pm Had dinner at La Strada in Lake Lure.  It is an Italian restaurant on the side of a hill across the road from Lake Lure and overlooking the lake.  The food was delicious.  We had:  garlic knots, pesto pasta with shrimp (Barbara), The Italian Feast (chicken parmesan, lasagna & Fettuccine Alfredo) (John). The rain never stopped.  We managed to get from the car to the restaurant without getting wet but they had the outside seating closed due to the rain. We are back at the unit and sitting in our living room enjoying one of the fake logs burning in the fireplace (resort rules: no firewood is allowed to be burned in the fireplace.  Only the fake plastic/saw dust logs.) We only burned the fake logs once.  As the log was burning down we started to get a plastic, smoke smell in the living room and dining room.  The smell never went away even after we bought a cinnamon broom (very strong smell of cinnamon).  We left the rest of the box in the unit
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
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