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September 4, 2013
9/4/2013 – Day 6 12:00 pm Slept in a little.  Now getting a late start.  Barbara cooked another very nice breakfast and we ate out on the top deck (off the living room) and we relaxed some while watching the birds and squirrels come to the plate of bird seed we put out for them.  We kept hearing a bird call that we couldn’t ID.  We still don’t know what it was. 12:30 pm Just down the street from the entrance to the resort is a road leading into a gated community.  The sign said ‘Tatanka Home Sites”.  It doesn’t appear to be doing too well.  The security gate was open and the place had the feel of being abandoned.  But at the entrance the community was a metal statue of a Bison (aka: Tatanka). 1:20 pm Did a quick walk around in the lobby area of the Lake Lure Inn and Spa, built 1927.  They are famous for a collection of music boxes.  I was very surprised by the fact that many of them were over 6’ tall and the metal disc that controlled the music could be more than 24” across. 1:25 pm We are back at the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge.  The weather looks nice so we are hoping to manage it from end-to-end without the rain.  We are starting at the other end from where we attempted the first time (the Lake Lure end, not the Chimney Rock side). 2 pm We just finished the Flowering Bridge.  The bridge was completed in 1925.  The people working on the Flowering Bridge are all volunteers and the project is funded by donations.  The work on the Flowering Bridge only started in April of 2013 and now, in September, the gardens look mature and very established.  Barbara “Very beautiful”. 2:30 pm We are at Laura’s House Restaurant in Chimney Rock.  The restaurant has a full glass front on its upstairs dining area with a great view of Chimney Rock.  The upstairs dining explains why we thought it was closed the first time we drove past.  They have seating in a small room downstairs, but not being aware of the upstairs section, we thought the place was empty. 6 pm After lunch at Laura’s House Restaurant we walked around Chimney Rock (the village) doing some souvenir shopping.  We stopped at 6 because we didn’t want to get trapped in the sidewalks as they rolled them up.  Okay, we stopped shopping because all the stores are now closed. We saw signs for the  Rocky Broad River Walk and decided to give it a look see. 6:50 pm The river walk is very pleasant, but short.  Wanders between the businesses on main street and the river.  We did a little driving around Chimney Rock (village) and Bat Cave (village west of Chimney Rock).  We found someone’s driveway marker that was a frame with the cutout of a bat.  Very cute in Bat Cave, North Carolina. Stopped at a little roadside stand.  We bought some apple butter and Frog Jam (no frog in the Frog Jam).  I had to look it up and Frog jam is a real thing.  F.R.O.G.  = Fig, Raspberry, Orange, and Ginger Jam.  Who knew? 8:30 pm We just finished dinner at Larkins on the Lake.  Larkins is located on the very southern tip of Lake Lure.  We both had prime rib.  Delicious.  Many people had recommended Larkins and now we know why. After dinner we went to Ingles Market and filled up the car so when we head to Asheville, bright and early, for the Biltmore Estate we don’t have to worry about fuel.  We plan an early bed time for an early rise in the morning and up and out.
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
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