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September 6, 2013
9/6/2013 – Day 8 11:40 am Barbara cooked us a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese and English muffins.  This is our last full day in the timeshare and we needed to finish as much of the food as we can. 12:10 pm We are headed for Chimney Rock village.  While still on Rambling Bald Resort property we made a quick stop to explore the Buffalo Cemetery.  The cemetery is on a small rise that the resort built up around but left the cemetery intact.  Oldest gravestone we could make out was 1820.  Some the graves were for people that were born in the 1750s and fought in the American Revolutionary War. We stopped at the old shanty again and I got some photos this time.  The chimney is falling apart and separated from the building some.  The front porch is at about a 30 degree angle slopping away from the house.  But it is for sale. While taking photos of the shanty a flock of Turkeys wandered past.  Actually a few adult turkey and a bunch of polts. 12:35 pm We are now parked on Main Street in Chimney Rock. 3:25 pm We just finished  a “super-mega bucket” at the Chimney Rock Gemstone Mine.  Upstairs is a gem and mineral store downstairs are a couple of sluices and ‘salted’ buckets of dirt.  Basically a huge bucket full of dirt with gems and rocks in it.  Barbara found a geode that they cracked open for her.  Not cheap but a lot of fun and we have a lot of rocks to show for it. 4:20 pm We walked around town and bought some malted milk balls, fudge (delicious) and a southern cookbook.  We are now at the Chimney Rock Adventure Golf course (mini-golf). 5:25 pm Just finished our mini golf game.  Cute little golf course.  Situated on the bank of the Broad River.  Barbara won: 53 to 64.  She really won!  I had a few really, really bad holes. 7:25 pm Just finished dinner at La Strada at Lake Lure.  The food is outstanding so we had to enjoy one more time before heading home.  John had Penne Pesto Alfredo with shrimp and Barbara had Angel hair Garlic Pesto with shrimp.  Sat outside this time.  Sun was right on us at first but then set behind the mountains. Back on the resort we took the back roads between the units and in the woods looking for our friend the black bear.  We didn’t see him.  Glad we spotted him on the day we arrived because that is the only time we did. 7:40 pm Back in the unit.  We are in for the night and now we have to pack.  The worst part of a vacation is the end.
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
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