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September 7, 2013
9/7/2013 – Day 9 6 am Showered and dressed and I will start loading the car while Barbara finishes ‘putting on her face’.  Whateverthatmeans.  We are trying to get a fairly early start. 7 am The car is loaded (really loaded too), the bed is stripped, the towels are in a pile and the garbage is bagged and in the outside can.  We are ready to depart. 7:15 am We found the VRI office again and dropped off the key to unit.  We are officially out of here. 9:15 am We are at McDonalds in the Mimosa Hills Shopping Center in Morganton.  Had breakfast and got some coffee for the road.  Heading home. 12:45 pm We are in Virginia and saw a sign for Cracker Barrel and decided it was time for lunch.  We took I-40 (east) to I-77 (north) and then I-81 (north).  We are someplace off of I-81. 1:45 pm Lunch done we are heading back on the road.  The plan is to stop somewhere in PA for the night and have a fairly easy drive home on Sunday.  (Side note:  We didn’t know where this place was.  After lunch Barbara ripped up the receipt and as I was driving pieced it back together enough to make out that the Cracker Barrel was in Troutville, VA) 5:40 pm Checked into a Sleep Inn in Scotland Pennsylvania.  Kinda like going home.  When my parents retired they bought a house in Scotland, PA.  If my memory serves me, we are now just a few blocks from where my parents lived.  They didn’t stay in Scotland long.  The winters had too much snow for them and they sold this house and relocated to the Atlantic Coast of Florida. 6:40 pm We are in a Bob Evans restaurant in Chambersburg, PA.  We are here because Barbara had a craving for a salad with Bob Evans Colonial Dressing.  She really enjoyed it.
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
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