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February 1, 2014

Birding Pine Island, NY 

We read about some birds spending the winter in our general area of NY state.  These were northern birds avoiding the harsh winters in Canada.  The area we headed for was the ‘Black Dirt Region’ in Orange County, NY.   We headed out with cameras and binoculars.  When we got there we found ourselves in farming country.  The soil of the plowed fields was very dark, almost black, giving the area the name “Black Dirt Region”.   We met other people birding the same area and looking for the same birds we were looking for.  The big attraction was Snowy Owls (we saw one) but we also saw Short- eared Owls and Rough-legged Hawks and also a few more common residents.  A very  nice day. We didn’t take notes about where we were when.  So the photos on this page are in chronological order but without information about specific locations.  We basically were all over the place and we tried a couple of places more than once.

"Leave only footprints, take only memories"

(...and maybe some pictures)