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Day Ten
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
June 14, 2014
0500 We are up early and packed.  The office is not open this early so we drop off the key and head on our way. 6:45 am We are on the road.  We just left McDs and have our breakfast with us. 9:30 am We are still in Arkansas but only barely.  I am sitting in the truck while Barbara runs into a Post Office to mail the postcards we wrote a few days ago.  We kept forgetting to mail them but at least they are being mailed from Arkansas.  Sadly, we only got to mail them from Arkansas because we had to detour around some construction on I -40 between Little Rock and West Memphis. 4:20 pm We are in Crossville Tennessee about 60 miles from Knoxville.  We stopped at a rest area and are planning when to stop for the night.  We are near the time line so we will be losing an hour.  We are thinking of driving for about 2 more hours then stopping for the night.  Hopefully get through Knoxville then stop. 6:40 pm Stopped for the night at a Quality Inn in Dandridge, TN.  Having dinner at Shoney’s.  Ms Garmin says we have about another 12 hours of driving to get to Barbara’s house.  We will split that up over the next 2 days of easy driving. After dinner we park the truck and before getting into the room Barbara sees a small Skunk on the motel lawn.  Looks small and very young.  It doesn’t seem to pay us any attention as I take a few photos.
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