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Day Three
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“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
June 7, 2014
7:35 am Woke up early, showered packed and ate breakfast in the hotel.  Breakfast was okay but nothing special.  While loading the truck Barbara spotted another new bird.  Largish (slightly larger than Robin size), black head and wings, rounded head, belly white with maroon stripe near wings. 9:20 am Just made it past Nashville Tennessee.  While I was not surprised by the size of the city I was surprised by how modern the skyline looks and by all the construction going on.  The county is still gripped by a recession but in the city of Nashville building appear to be going up all over the place. 2:43 pm We crossed the Mississippi River and we are now in Arkansas. We stopped at the visitor center in West Memphis Arkansas.  The very nice people working there offered many ideas for things to do and even a route past some construction between here and Little Rock. 8:00 pm We are now in our timeshare in The Wharf in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Barbara: “Next time I say let’s go for a 20 hour drive… shoot me”.  The long days on the road seem to have taken a toll on her. The units are built on a hill.  On the hill side the top floor is at ground level (even with the parking area).  That means that we have a flight of stairs to go down to get to the level of our unit.  There is a layer of units bellow ours which is ground level on the lake side.
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