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Day Six
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
June 10, 2014
6:30 am We are showered and dressed, the truck is loaded and we are about to leave the timeshare parking lot on our way to Crater of Diamonds State Park. 8:10 am We hit McDs for our usual on the run breakfast and continued on our way south- west to Crater of Diamonds State Park.  Just arrived at the park. 10:10 am We toured the small museum and gift shop and paid our $7 for the day of looking for diamonds.  Have been looking for about an hour by now and no luck.  The recent weather was rain and thunderstorms so there is standing water puddles and the ground is very muddy.  The search area is just a large field that they till every- now-and-then.  I don’t have high hopes of finding a diamond.  Not sure that I would recognize a rough diamond if I saw it sitting in the mud but I did look. 12:40 pm Sitting at a picnic table at Crater of Diamonds State Park.  We are having a lunch of peanut butter and jelly (Smucker’s raspberry) sandwiches.  We did find some quartz but nothing that we think is a diamond.  After lunch we intend to try a different area.  Glad we knew to bring boots and expect mud. 1:15 pm Lunch is done and we are going to cruise the gift shop before heading out to the mud. 4:45 pm We are done.  My back was killing me.  At the main building there are people trained to recognize diamonds.  We waited online and showed a park staff our feeble finds and she informed us that we did indeed have some quartz but no diamonds.  $7 and no diamonds???  What a rip off!  Okay, maybe not.  What else can you do for $7 a day?  We did find out that the day before one diamond had been found and the day we were there six diamonds were found.  But not by us. 5:30 pm We are on our way home on a small road with fast (55 mph) traffic and we spot a Three-toed Box turtle trying to cross the road.  We are past it by the time we realize what is happening.  We turn around as soon as we can, stop and pick up the turtle, take a few photos of it then release it on the other side of the road in the same direction it was headed.  I hope it kept walking in the direction it was going and it should have survived. 7:10 pm We are sitting outside on our little balcony overlooking Lake Hamilton and contemplating the day.  On the way back from Crater of Diamonds State Park we stopped and picked up KFC for dinner and brought it back to the rental.  We both feel very grungy from a day of playing in the mud so it should a quiet evening of showers and relaxing before bed.
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