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Day Eight
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“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (...and maybe some pictures)
June 12, 2014
6:40 am We are showered and dressed.  About to head for Hot Springs McDs (again) for breakfast. 8:00 am Breakfast is done.  We are on the road and stopped to take a photo of road construction sign.  Construction Zone for the next 7.41 miles.  Really?  7.41 miles?  They are very precise here in Arkansas. 10:30 am We are at Ron Coleman Quartz Mine in Jessieville, AR.  We have been mining for a couple of hours.  We are on top above a pit mine where the quartz is actually found.  The mine uses earth moving type equipment to pick up large shovels of dirt in the pit and bring them to the top where tourists (like us) paw through the dirt and look for crystals.  We haven’t found much of interest yet.  We are stopping our search for now because we booked a tour of the pit mine. Noon We just finished our 50 minute tour of the Quartz pit mine.  The vehicle is an old army truck.  It is backed up to a wall so you can walk right in without having to climb to get in the back.  They drive to the bottom of the pit and then back up explaining what we are seeing and some of the history of the family owned mine.  We are going to eat lunch then continue mining. 5:45 pm Barbara is in the rock shop changing her clothes (she ‘played’ in the dirt more than I did).  We (Barbara) did find some nice specimens of quartz.  She found some nice points (individual crystals) and some decent clusters (a group of crystals attached to a base). The mine has a hose station set up to clean the dirt/mud off the quartz before taking it home in your car.  I pulled many items from the mine, but after washing off the dirt most of the items didn’t seem worth taking home, so I left most at the cleaning area.  Barbara hosed off her stash also, but deemed everything worth carrying back to NY.  We also bought a few pounds of Oxalic Acid to help clean the stains from the crystals. 7:15 pm Just finished dinner at Stubby’s Bar-B-Que.  Still very good.  We both had the same thing we had the first time.  Ribs.  Yum!!  About to head to the timeshare for shower and relaxation.
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