Galapagos Islands 2015 Vacation (INCA Tours)

Day 10

May 15, 2015

Our day in (almost) painful detail

6:00am Wake call by Richard over the ship’s PA system. 6:30am Time for breakfast. 7:25am This is our last full day in the Galapagos Islands.           Finished another very good breakfast on the Integrity and we are getting ready for a hike on North Seymour Island. 9:55am We are back from our hike.  We had a very nice walk on North Seymour Island.  We saw: Magnificent Frigatebirds and  Great Frigatebirds displaying, males with their bright red gular pouch inflated and calling to the females.  We also saw some Land Iguanas that were transplanted from Baltra Island.  The Land Iguanas on North Seymour were moved here in the 1930s (an attempt to understand why there were none on North Seymour).  Those Iguanas survived and by 1954 the Land Iguanas on Baltra were extinct.  There is work going on to try and re-introduce the Iguanas from North Seymour back to their native Baltra Island. We also saw some Blue-footed Boobies. We have about a half hour to get ready for our next adventure which is a snorkel off North Seymour. 10:38am During our snorkel off North Seymour we saw:  Sea Cucumbers, White-tipped Reef Sharks, Sea Snakes?, coral, and of course… many varieties of fish. 1:45pm Lunch is done.  We had turkey and many fixens.  While eating we kept seeing things we had some trouble figuring out.  One thing was a Sea Lion and the other was a Galapagos Shark.  We now have some down time and at 3pm we are getting a tour of the Integrity. 3:40pm We just finished our tour of the ship.  We got a behind the scenes look at some areas of the ship passengers don’t normally visit:  Crew’s cabin, the bridge, engine room, the galley (where all our delicious meals were made). Because Barbara and I brought our own wet suits for snorkeling and we fly out tomorrow Richard offered to put them someplace where they should dry.  On the tour of the engine room we saw our wetsuits on a warm (not hot) part of the engine.  They are not dry but Richard is confident they will be by the time we leave. 3:55pm We are entering Black Turtle Cove on the north end of Santa Cruz Island.  4:03pm Brown Pelican chick in nest in Mangrove tree 4:15pm Black-tipped Reef Shark (very small) 4:43pm Lava Heron 5:40pm Just arrived back on the Integrity from our panga tour of the Black Turtle Cove.  We had an interesting surprise on our return to the ship.  There on the fantail of the Integrity was a Sea Lion making itself right at home.  Almost like he was there to say goodbye and see us off. Back in our room to a cute surprise.  There are chocolates and towel elephants on our bed.  We also found envelopes for the tips for the crew and guide.  Richard just announced over the PA about a rarity for the Galapagos, a rainbow. 6:30pm Our last dinner on the Integrity.  The Captain did a champagne toast (passengers had champagne, crew had juice) and invited us all to come back (and I really intend to).  We all said our thanks to the Captain and crew.  I just can’t stress too much about how great the entire crew was.  Every thing we needed was provided.  The meals were great as was the service.  Richard did a fantastic job of explaining and showing us the Islands. 9:00pm Barbara and I are frantically packing our luggage.  Richard just called to inform us that he checked and our wetsuits are still damp.  We will have to get them in the morning.
"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)
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