Galapagos Islands 2015 Vacation (INCA Tours)

Day 11

May 16, 2015

Our day in (almost) painful detail

6:00am I left a very sad message on my voice recorder.  The journey is over.  My trip of a lifetime is at an end.  Today we will leave the Galapagos Islands with much hope of returning.  It was a great trip and I am very sad to see it ending. 6:30am Our last breakfast onboard The Integrity.  Very good food right down to the last meal. 8:20am We have are now on Baltra Island, where the airport is located.  We are still right near where we landed waiting for a right to the airport.  While waiting we saw:  Brown Pelican, A Sea Lion cruising the shallows and watched as other tourists arrived for their flights out. 9:00am We are at the airport.  Our last panga ride from the ship to shore is done.  We have checked in, our luggage has been handed off and we are already through security.  Barbara and I did a mad dash through the airport souvenir shops looking for something to take home.  This is our first chance to buy our trinkets from the Islands.  We found a few small things but I do wish we had had a chance for shopping in Puerto Ayora. 9:40am We are on the plane.  Looks like very few empty seats. We are in seats 9A and 9B.  The flight is scheduled to take off at 10am which becomes 11am (mainland is one hour off from the Islands). 9:52am We are in the air.  The wheels have just left the islands and the trip is drawing to a close.  I am so sad. 12:40pm (Local Time) We have landed in Guayaquil, Ecuador mainland.  We just said goodbye to our friends from Australia: Julian, Jenny, Craig & Allison.  We fly on to Quito and they are heading to Machu Picchu.  We were very fortunate to have had them as travel companions for the week.  A great group of people and very fun to be around.  Maybe we will meet again…. We are staying in our seats and have about a 30 minute layover here. 2:00pm We are back in the air.  We just took off from Guayaquil after a little more than expected layover. 2:35pm We have just landed in Quito. 3:15pm As soon as we deplaned and were through security we were spotted by the INCA representative, Marcia.   We are now in the car and headed to the hotel on the other side of the city. 4:10pm We are now in our room in the Quito Hilton Colon.  This time our room is on the sixteenth floor (room 1666).  We have pretty much the same view from our room as the last time.  We will have to wander to see if there is more to see. 4:20pm We made our way up to the VIP lounge on the 17th floor for some snacks.  The lounge looks out over a different part of the city than we can see from our room.  We took a bunch of photos of a city park from the lounge.  We were told the park may not be safe for tourists so we contented ourselves with views from the hotel. Just a thought.  From the lounge we can see a large hill with a huge statue of the madonna on its peak.  My understanding is that this is very religious country.  A very roman catholic religious country.  I just wonder how this country as a whole reconciles its religion with a small group of islands that are world know for their contribution to the Theory of Evolution.  Evolution and Charles Darwin almost seem to be celebrated on the islands… 6:00pm Our last photo of the day.  I didn’t make a voice recording for when we went to bed but I’m guessing it was pretty early as our alarm is set for 2:30am. 
"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)
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