Galapagos Islands 2015 Vacation (INCA Tours)

Day 6

May 11, 2015

Our day in (almost) painful detail

6:10am Our wake up PA system call was at 6am and breakfast is at 6:30am.  We are awake and dressed.  We are anchored off the island of Isabela at Punta Moreno. 7:00am After breakfast while looking around I noticed some feeding Storm Petrals.  I tried but didn't get great photos of them feeding. 7:15am During our panga ride to shore we saw:  Flightless Cormorants, Brown Pelican, Volcano Cerro Azul. 7:35am We are on Isabela walking on old lava flows.  We saw:  water seep, Cerro Azul Volcano, Lava Cactus, (7:47am) Astor bush.  Darwinian Astorinus – endemic, (8:14am) Crab Apple.  Alkaline. Poisonous.  8:15am We are hiking on a lava field at Punta Moreno.  There is a volcano, Cerro Azul,  plainly visible on our hike.  What we saw: Brown Peilicans, Sea Lions and our first look at Galapagos Penguins.  Also more Flamingos, Lava Cactus, Common Gallinules (or Moorhens), White-cheeked Pintail Ducks and lots and lots of lava. 9:20am We are back on the panga heading back to the Integrity.  We follow the shoreline and see some pretty interesting sights. 9:45am Back on the Integrity.  The crew obviously picked up and cleaned our room while we were hiking.  We have about a half-hour before we are supposed to meet on the fantail and be ready for a snorkel. 11:15am Just returned from a wonderful snorkel.  Snorkeling near Punta Moreno, Isabela.  We saw:  Lots of Sea Turtles, a Sea Horse, many more fish.   I don't know why but it seems Barbara and I don’t have any photos from the snorkel.  Luckily Richard had his GoPro and got some videos. Noon Showered and dressed and sitting in the lounge area having a cup of coffee.  I could learn to live like this.  Just exist and someone else worries about my needs.  Coffee and tea always ready.  I am sitting in the lounge by myself watching the island of Isabela slide by outside the windows.  We are underway heading for another anchorage. Just forward of the fantail, on the same level as our staterooms, there is a counter where we met after each excursion with drinks and snacks.  On one of the walls there is a laminated map of the Galapagos Islands.  Each day someone, not sure if it is Richard or one of the crew, are updating the map with where we are and our route travelled.  Next to that is a whiteboard.  On the whiteboard we noticed drawings of something about each day’s locations.  The drawings are very well done and we found out later that the artist is Captain Angel.  I’m very impressed. 12:30pm Lunch.  Very pleasant meal time.  Because there are only 6 passengers we sit at one table and they put a chair at the head of the table for Richard.  Everybody is in the conversation and it seems like a very nice group of people. We just discovered this large book hiding under the coffee table in the lounge area.  It started out full of blank pages but many passengers have spent years writing in the book.  Some are just comments about the trip.  Many to exclaim how wonderful the cruises are on this ship.  But others, the ones that caught our eye, are drawings.  I only took a couple of photos but the book is pretty impressive. 3:00pm We are meeting in the lounge area for a talk from Richard on weather patterns that affect the Galapagos Islands.  He went over El Niño and La Niña and what they do to the islands and the animals.  While the lecture was going on we noticed a couple of people from the Reina Silvia swam from where they are anchored to the Integrity and back. 4:10pm The Integrity is anchored in Elizabeth Bay.  We are in a panga and doing a tour of a mangrove forest area.  We saw:  Blue-footed Boobies, Spotted Eagle Rays, Cow-nosed Rays, Galapagos Penguins, Brown Pelicans, Sea Turtles, Sea Lions. Side note:  Every time we leave the ship and return the crew is waiting for us with drinks (water, iced tea, juice, beer) and snacks of some kind, today was cheese balls with a honey dip and pita chips with guacamole.  They really do pamper us. 7:30pm A very nice dinner.  We had soup which Barbara and I can’t decide what it was.  Chicken Cordon Blue.  For dessert we had Tres Leches (three milks).  9:00pm Getting ready for bed.
"Leave only footprints, take only memories" (...and maybe some pictures)
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