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Fabulous Fred’s 70th Birthday Party

“Throw it, and they will come!” Well, I threw it, and they did come! Thank you to our photographers, John and Barbara—for all that skilled, professional-caliber work! Thank you, Cristin, for “waterproofing” the tent. Thank you, Will, Ciara, and Cristin, for the help in arranging the “milieu.” And, most of all, thank you, Sallyann, for making this party happen.  And thank you, everyone who took time out of your busy lives to attend—and for being part of my friends circle, new and old. I was touched by your response. Going through the photos and watching the interplay during the party, I was amazed and so pleased at the mixing that went on. In a way, a beautiful, sun-shiny day might have dispersed us and allowed us to break up into cliques. Instead, we were “forced,” if you will, into mingling. Just the way I wanted it—but maybe not how I thought it would happen. You have to check out the photos. They are a mix of candid, posed, but always flattering. They will be, for me, a way to celebrate, again, an event that turned out to be wonderful and moving. Enjoy the photos—and life! --Fred  
Fred’s Fabulous 70 Birthday Party!
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