“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (…and maybe some pictures)

July 25, 2015

On a nice sunny, summer’s day Barbara and I decided to go for a bicycle ride on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.  We followed our Garmin to the Binnewater Kiln parking lot on Binnewater Road near Rosendale. Once parked we decided to explore the kilns built into the base of the cliff face that forms the back of the parking area. It is tough to find information about the kilns were were looking at.  Even on the internet I can find information about the history of cement production in the area but not these specific kilns.  Seems the Rosendale area was important for the production of cement in the early American history.  From 1825 to about World War II the cement industry was very active in this region.  I didn’t know that after mining limestone then mixing with other materials (shells, chalk…) the mixture is heated to high temperatures, as in these kilns, then ground into a fine powder to become what we know as cement.  I could not find company names or dates of operation for these actual kilns. The next point of interest was the Rosendale Trestle.  The bridge is about 940 feet long, about 150 feet above Rondout Creek.  It was opened for train traffic in 1872 and ran until the line was shut down in 1977 and has been closed to traffic until it opened for foot and bike traffic in 2013. The next set of photos are images I captured on the the trail.  The trail is a fairly smooth dirt rail trail.  For the most part the trail is in woods with some wildflowers near its edges.  We have not seen a lot of wildlife while on the trail.

One last photo… of kayakers on the Rondout Creek.


Wallkill Valley
Rail Trail