Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear Sow & 2 cubs walking across a frozen lake.
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (…and maybe some pictures)

Day 7

October 29, 2016 5:40am I am in the lounge waiting for people to wake up.  It is really tough to do anything in those tiny rooms without making noise.  I just saw Barbara is up. 6:00am Coffee time. 6:15am Luggage has to be outside the rooms. 6:25am All the suitcases have disappeared from the Berthing Car and are packed on the Rover.  We were asked to help strip the linens from the beds and leave in the hallway.  The laundry goes back to Churchill to be cleaned and fresh sheets are put on for the next set of guests. 6:30am Breakfast. 7:00am On the Rover heading back to Churchill. 8:00am We are back at the Great White Bear Tours Rover base (where you get on and off the Rovers).  The launch area is full and we have to wait for one of the other Rovers to leave so we can back up to the wall and walk off the Rover.  It is a long jump down without it. 8:10am We are off the Rover and on a bus.  Justin took the people that were doing the dog sled or the helicopter rides.  Bonnie is with us on this bus for those not doing those other things. 8:37am Took photos of Miss Piggy, a WWII military plane.  Soon after the war the plane was purchased by a local airline for carrying people and cargo.  On a cargo flight they had engine trouble, headed back to the airport, but didn’t quite make it.  Their wheels caught on some power lines and they managed to land.  The pilot and co- pilot walked away from the crash. 9:00am We are riding around the Churchill area.  I always try to get some photos that show the character of an area, the houses, the streets, etc. 9:40am We drove around the Port of Churchill. 9:50am We stopped at Cape Merry Battery with a view of Prince of Wales Fort.  Cape Merry Battery is on the east side of the Churchill River and Prince of Wales Fort is on the west side.  We were greeted by several Canadian Parks Service Rangers (one with a rifle, watching for Polar Bears).  They were very nice and put out a lot if information about the history of the forts. 10:40am We have stopped for a photo op.  We are near the port and there is an inukshuk (a group of rocks, piled to look like a person and used as a landmark in country with almost no features), a Polar Bear Statue and a Manitoba sign.  Now heading for the Eskimo Museum. 10:50am We are in the Eskimo Museum.  They have a very small shop but somehow we managed to spend quite a bit of money.  We did get a pair of knitted Polar Bear hats. 11:50am We are in a restaurant in Churchill for lunch.  All the groups have managed to meet up here and we are all together again. 1:20pm A quick stop at another inukshuk for photos. 1:30pm Quick stop at a sign for the town of Churchill for a group photo and a street sign for Polar Bear Crossing. 1:45pm We are at the Polar Bear Holding Facility (Polar Bear Jail).  No one is allowed in while they have any bears in jail.  We were told they have about 10 or so. 2:10pm We are at the Churchill Airport.  No security, just show passport and have them weigh all our luggage and hand carried items. 2:20pm We are on the plane ready for take off.  I actually asked and got permission to take photos as the plane taxis and lifts off. 2:25pm After everyone was onboard we taxied to another part of the airport and the plane was ‘de-iced’.  Immediately afterwards we took off. 3:00pm We are in the air heading for Winnipeg. 5:00pm We are just beginning our decent into Winnipeg Airport. 5:35pm We have landed and are now on a bus back to the Fort Garry Hotel. 6:10pm We are in our room (#237) at the Fort Garry Hotel.  The view is better.  We are not in a corner, but this time we are looking at another hotel/apartment complex and their gym.  We do have a bit of a city view off to the side of the other building. We are heading right back out to turn in the loaner NatHab boots and coat and get ours back. 7:00pm Final get together.  NatHab provided hors d’oeuvres and drinks.  We really don’t need dinner because there was more than enough food.  Very nice time and place to say our final farewells to the group.  8:10pm We just returned to our room.  We are in the process of trying to fit everything back into our suitcases.  What a pain.  Then bedtime.
Polar Bear Adventure, October 23 - 31, 2016
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