Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear Sow & 2 cubs walking across a frozen lake.
“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (…and maybe some pictures)

Day 9

October 31, 2016 9:00am We are awake, showered and dressed.  We are hungry and still not sure how we are getting home.  The room had a very heavy shade to help keep the lights out of the room.  We pulled it down to sleep but when I tried to raise it in the morning to look out it just did a slow motion fall until the entire shade was on the floor.  It was held in place with duct tape, so we weren’t the first to have problems with that shade. 9:30am We went down to the lobby restaurant for breakfast.  Not much on the menu so we both had the breakfast buffet.  $25 each.  Over $50 with tax for the two of us. After breakfast Barbara asked the hotel desk person if she knew of a car service that could get us back to Newburgh NY.  The woman made a call and arranged for a car and driver.  He would pick us up at the lobby in about a half hour.  We went back to our room, cleaned up and stuffed everything back into our suitcases and got to the lobby about the time the driver arrived.  We loaded up and were on our way. 11:38am We are at Barbara’s house.  We made it!!!  Finally.
Polar Bear Adventure, October 23 - 31, 2016