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Entire Trip At-A-Glance

July 19, 2017: Day 1 4:20am Up getting ready. 4:55am We are in the limo headed for the airport.  6:15am We are at Newark airport. 9:53am We are in the air.  Our trip to Alaska has started! 3:29pm We are on the ground in Seattle. 2:13pm We are in the air.  Last leg of the trip to Alaska. 5:25pm We are in Fairbanks Alaska.  6:20pm We are now in our room on the fourth floor of the Marriot Springhill Suites Hotel. July 20, 2017: Day 2 12:15am I woke soon after midnight and took a photo of the park across the street. 5:00am I woke again, took another picture of the park. 8:20am We had breakfast in the Marriot lobby lounge/restaurant. 9:05am We are heading into the UAF Museum of the North. 1:15pm We decided to watch “Dynamic Aurora”.  The movie was very informative. After the movie was over we took in the Museum of the North. After that we headed up stairs to the art gallery. 1:35pm We are back in our room at the hotel. 2:00pm Dinner at the Crepery Restaurant in the Co-op behind the hotel.  3:20pm Barbara picked out 2 small nuggets I bought the earrings as a souvenir/birthday gift. 6:00pm Justin gave a slide presentation of the trip and our itinerary. 7:00pm Lavelle’s Bistro for dinner. 11:00pm Bed time. July 21, 2017: Day 3 6:25am We are about to leave for breakfast. 8:00am We are on the bus and headed south towards Denali National Park. 8:12am We stop to look at the Tanana River and the Tanana Valley. 9:12am We have stopped in Nenana for restroom break. Nenana’s claim to fame is the “Nenana Ice Classic”. 10:43am Lunch at “Alpenglow” in “The Grande Denali Lodge”. 12:25pm We got on a Parks system bus that will take us to The North Face Lodge. 2:20pm 15 minutes for a bathroom break at the Teklanika Rest area. 2:57pm We stopped on the road for views of Dall Sheep. 3:20pm Our first Caribou. 3:43pm We are at the Igloo Picnic area on the Toklat River for a box dinner. 5:13pm We stopped at Polychrome Overlook. A Caribou & Golden Eagle nest with 2 young. 6:05pm Toklat River Rest Stop & Three Dall Sheep. 6:30pm Caribou very near the road. 7:10pm Great photo op of an adult, female Grizzly Bear.  7:30pm A nursery herd of Caribou. 8:15pm Our first look at Mount Denali and Wonder Lake. 8:30pm We are at North Face Lodge. July 2, 2017: Day 4 7:08am I went inside and found someone to ask if that was Mount Denali or not.  It was. 7:30am Breakfast.  Baked French toast. 8:45am They put out the makings for lunch and we each got a small cloth bag to put our lunch in. 9:45am We are on our way to explore Denali National Park. 10:20am >ice pictures of Mount Denali & Wonder Lake. 11:00am Pictures of Labrador Tea & Caribou Lichen. 11:50am Stopped for photos of river valley, fireweed and Mount Denali. 11:56am Monkshood wildflower.  It is extremely poisonous. 12:20pm We have stopped for lunch on the tundra. 1:22pm We found a large Caribou resting in the shade near a small pond. 1:35pm We took a little walk to a little pond for Greater Scaup. 1:50pm A female Gadwall duck with ducklings. 2:07pm People fishing in Wonder Lake. 2:25pm We are back at North Face Lodge. 3:30pm Justin gave a talk about photography and lightroom. 6:00pm Hors d’oeuvres and drinks. 6:35pm Barbara and I found our clothespins and we are seated with Chris and Charlene. 10:10pm Barbara and I rode bikes to Wonder Lake. 10:20pm Relaxing in the ‘Midnight Sun’. 10:45pm Bed time for these old fogies. July 23, 2017: Day 5 6:43am Denali was visible again. 7:30am Breakfast.  This morning it was crepes.  8:38am Barbara is in the dining room making our lunches for today. 9:20am Today will be our Alpine day. 9:40am Our first stop for the day is at Wonder Lake. Short-eared Owl happened to fly by. 10:20am Fireweed and nice mountain views: photo assignment. Northern Harrier flew past. 11:08am We have stopped to look at Muldrow Glacier. 11:35am Someone spotted a Golden Eagle soaring near. 11:50am We have stopped at Eielson Visitor Center. 12:30pm The Stony Hill Scenic Overlook. 12:55pm What a great way to enjoy lunch and good company. A Golden Eagle was soaring over our heads. 2:37pm Willow Ptarmigans on the Park Road and some hikers. 3:46pm Ducks in a pond… more Greater Scaups. 4:20pm Back at North Face Lodge. 6:30pm Dinner.  Group song about day’s hike. 8:40pm Back to our room to try to get as packed as we can before we go to bed. July 24, 2017:  Day 6 5:30am Breakfast.  Quick meal of scrambled eggs. 6:15am We are on the bus getting ready to head back to the park entrance. 7:35am Willow Ptarmigans on the road. 7:51am We are at Eielson Visitor Center on our way out of the park. 8:10am A large nursery Caribou herd not far from the road. 8:36am Just passed Highway Pass (mile 58) and a sign says it is 3,980 feet. 9:47am We just saw a Long-tailed Jaeger. 9:55am A female Grizzly Bear with 2 cubs. 10:53am Male Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk). 11:20am We are at the Denali Park Depot. 12:50pm We are all on the train in our seats and the train is underway. 1:20pm We have just been seated in the dining section for lunch. 4:15pm The train has slowed way down as we enter Talkeetna. 4:35pm We are in our room at the Talkeetna Lodge in Talkeetna Alaska. 6:30pm We were late for dinner. 8:07pm Back to the room, start packing and finish in the morning. July 25, 2017: Day 7 7:00am Getting ready to go have breakfast. 9:00am Breakfast was buffet style with many options. 9:30am We are on the bus and just heading into Talkeetna. 9:40am We are about to walk through the town of Talkeetna. 10:00am Justin stuck his hand in the river water to show how much suspended flour or silt there is from the glaciers feeding the rivers. 10:47am Standing in front of Nagley’s Store. 11:00am Lunch time at the Denali Brewing Company, Twister Creek Restaurant. 12:25pm We are back on the Magic Bus heading south towards Anchorage. 3:05pm We stopped at Potter Marsh. 3:52pm Back on the Magic Bus heading towards our next hotel. 4:05pm We stop for pictures of Dall Sheep. 4:40pm We are now in Girdwood. 4:53pm We are at the Alyeska Resort. 5:45pm  Tram ride to the top of Mount Alyeska to the Seven Glaciers Restaurant. 6:10pm We are sitting down to eat at the Seven Glaciers. 10:00pm Just got back from dinner.  The food was delicious. Bed time. July 26, 2017: Day 8 7:05am Done with breakfast. We have just started our short (~1.5 miles) walk with Justin. 8:13am The group divides. We see a female Pine Grosbeak. 8:30am Sow Black Bear and three cubs on the resort grounds. 11:53am Back from the morning walk. 12:50pm We left the hotel about 12:30 and are now eating our box lunch on the bus. 2:25pm The train stopped in the middle of nowhere at what is called a ‘Whistle Stop’. 2:31pm Erin is rowing her arms off. 2:36pm Icebergs. 2:40pm Views of Spencer Glacier. 3:02pm Barbara eats a chunk of ice thousands of years old from the glacier. 3:15pm We have just entered Placer River. 5:00pm We are on the train heading back to where we got on. 6:00pm We have arrived, safe and sound, back at the resort. 7:04pm Sitting by an outside firepit. 7:16pm Back in the room. .
Alaska Vacation
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July 19 - Aug 2, 2017 Entire trip At-A-Glance
“Leave only footprints, Take only memories’ (…and maybe some pictures)