5:16am I am showered, dressed and have finished my last minute packing.  Barbara is getting ready. 5:50am We got to the lobby, turned in our room keys and asked about a taxi to the airport.  The clerk walked out the front door and waved his hand and a taxi, that was lined up on the other side of the street, started up and came over to pick us up. 6:20am We got to the airport by taxi.  The cost of the taxi was paid by NatHab because the Marriot in Anchorage does not have its own shuttle service vehicle.  We checked in and turned in our suitcases and we are about to go through security. 6:31am We made it through security.  Our tickets had TSA Pre-Check on them and that makes it so much easier to do the security check.  Now we are getting our stuff (belts, wallets, camera…) out of our backpacks before we look for our gate. As we wandered towards our gate we stopped at some of the shops along the way. 6:45am We found our gate and we decided to get coffee and something to eat from McDs since we have well over an hour wait for our flight.  Barbara walked back to a McDs we passed getting to our gate. 7:55am We are in our seats, 2D & 2F getting comfortable. 8:23am We are in the air, leaving Alaska, how sad. 9:03am There has been absolutely nothing to see, so far, except clouds. 9:43am The clouds have thinned out and I am able to see and maybe even get a few photos of the beautiful scenery slipping by beneath us.  I wonder why more people don’t watch the scenery instead of an inflight movie?  Sorry for the look on most of the photos.  The plane window was pretty hazy and I had to ‘play’ with the pictures so the features would show. 10:58am This is Alaska time and we have just begun our descent into Seattle. Note: I am switching to Seattle time now.  1 hour later than Alaska time. 12:25pm   We are on the ground in Seattle, Washington. 12:39pm   We are at gate N2 at the terminal in Seattle. 12:55pm We have about 2 hours before our flight is scheduled to board.  To get from N2 (arrival) to gate C9 (departure) we had to go down 2 escalators, get on an underground train, ride the train to the next stop and get off, escalators back to the surface and little bit of a confusing walk and we are at our gate. 2:23pm We did a little looking around and then sat and people watched.  It shouldn’t be much longer. 3:11pm We are in our seats, 2A & 2C, onboard Alaska Airlines flight #14.  We actually got to watch our suitcases get put on the same plane we are on so we know they should make it to Newark, NJ with us. Note: I am switching over to Eastern time.  So 3:15pm (Seattle time) is now 6:15 (NY/NJ time). 7:15pm It took some time for all the luggage to be loaded, all the passengers to get on board and settled.  We also had a bit of a delay waiting on the tarmac, after we pushed away from the terminal, until it was our turn to take off.  We are now airborne. Once we got up to cruise altitude there was thick haze almost completely blocking any views of the ground below.  It was our understanding that it is smoke from forest fires to our west.  They talked about a lot of fires in Alaska and I guess it isn’t much better in Washington. 11:40pm We are on our approach into Newark Airport. 11:50pm We have touched down in Newark, NJ. August 3, 2017: Day 16 12:02am The plane is at the terminal and the seatbelt sign just went out. 12:50am We have all our bags and are about to walk out into the NJ air. 1:04am Our driver has just pulled up, put our suitcases in the back of the car and we are in, seated, belted and about to pull away from the curb. 2:05am We, and our luggage, are in Barbara’s house.  The adventure is officially over (pout, pout). What a wonderful adventure we had!!! .
August 2, 2017: Day 15
“Leave only footprints, Take only memories’ (…and maybe some pictures)
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Alaska Vacation
July 19, 2017 to August 2, 2017 The Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Photo Safari Barbara & John on Natural Habitat Adventures
August 2, 2017 Day 15
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