12:15am I woke soon after midnight and took a photo of the park across the street. 5:00am I woke again, took another picture of the park.  In the midnight and 5am pictures there were a few street lights and other lights on, but I don’t know why.  They were not needed to see. The three photos are not edited in any way.  I didn’t lighten them or do anything that would affect the midnight sun.  All three photos were taken with the camera on auto. 7:00am We are both awake and trying to plan our day.  Our day is “free” until the tour welcome dinner tonight. 8:20am We had breakfast in the Marriot lobby lounge/restaurant.  A very nice buffet style breakfast.  Barbara and I are headed to the lobby to try and find out how to get to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum of the North.  Everyone seems to say it is the one thing to see in Fairbanks. 8:50am We asked at the desk and they dialed a house phone then handed it to Barbara to speak to the taxi company.  We took an Arctic King Cab taxi from the hotel to the Museum.  The museum doesn’t open for another 10 minutes. There is a great view of the Alaska Range from right in front of the Museum.  We thought we might be seeing Mount Denali, but we were told that can’t really be seen from that location. We did see a Red Fox run across the road in front of the museum. We also saw a whale skull on the lawn by the Museum and they had a small, wooden log, Russian building that they had reconstructed. 9:05am We are heading into the Museum. 1:15pm Once we got to the desk we found out that they have a small selection of movies to watch.  We decided to watch “Dynamic Aurora” which starts at 10am.  Not having much time before the movie started we just looked at the displays in the hall and then sat for a couple of minutes before going to the auditorium.  The movie was very informative. After the movie was over we took in the Museum of the North.  It was much smaller than we expected.  The building is pretty large but the actual museum on takes up one room of the entire building.  It is a great little museum but it is little. After the museum we sat and had a some coffee and sat and relaxed.  After that we headed up stairs to the art gallery.  They had some old artifacts and some newer art on display.  Interesting. We are now waiting for a taxi ride back to the hotel. 1:35pm We are back in our room at the hotel.  2:00pm We are in the Crepery Restaurant in the Co-op behind the hotel.  Barbara got the Cuban and I got the Mediterranean.  They were both very good, just a little more food than we expected. 3:20pm Barbara and I are looking around a souvenir shop.  We have some time to kill.  We just came out of Gold Rush Fine Jewelry store.  We were looking for a pair of gold nugget earrings for Barbara.  None of the pre-made earrings were what we had in mind so….  Barbara picked out 2 small nuggets (out of hundreds that they have on hand), decided which side should show and where the post should be mounted.  I paid for the earrings as a souvenir/birthday gift from me to her.  We just have to go back at 5:30pm and pick them up. 5:40pm We made it back to Gold Rush Jewelry and picked up the earrings.  They look great.  The pre-made nugget earrings were all too flat.  They didn’t look like nuggets to us.  The ones she picked out look much more nuggety and much better as earrings. 6:00pm We headed to the conference room off the hotel lobby and met up with Justin (one of two guides we had when we were in Churchill, Canada watching Polar Bears) and the rest of the tourists.  There are only 8 of us:  Barbara and myself (NY), Milton (NC), Chris (Belgium), Carol (CA), Ari (New Zealand), Howard (FL) & Charlene (Iowa). Justin gave a slide presentation of the trip and our itinerary.  We started getting to know the rest of the group.  Turned out to be a very nice group of people, all of which I hope I can now call my friend. 7:00pm Immediately following the meet and greet and all went to Lavelle’s Bistro for dinner.  The meal was very nice and NatHab picked up the bill. 11:00pm After dinner we came back to the room.  We were thinking about doing a load of laundry but realized it was already after 9pm.  So we just packed our bags to be ready to leave early the next morning. Bed time.
July 20, 2017: Day 2
“Leave only footprints, Take only memories’ (…and maybe some pictures)
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Alaska Vacation
July 19, 2017 to August 2, 2017 The Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Photo Safari Barbara & John on Natural Habitat Adventures
July 20, 2017 Day 2