6:43am Again I woke early, showered and dressed.  While Barbara is getting showered and dressed I am cleaning lenses, checking memory cards, making sure I have extra batteries…  I will be ready for almost anything.  After getting ready checked to see if Denali was visible again.  Oh, man was it! 7:30am Breakfast.  This morning it was crepes.  Barbara had mushroom crepe and I had ham, but they ruined it and put asparagus on it.  Barbara took the asparagus willingly. 8:38am I am in the room putting some stuff away for the day while Barbara is in the dining room making our lunches for today. 9:20am On the bus and heading out.  Another beautiful day on the tundra in Alaska’s Denali National Park.  We are heading more into the mountains today.  Today will be our Alpine day. 9:40am Our first stop for the day is at Wonder Lake.  More beautiful views of Mount Denali.  There are some clouds in the sky but they are in the distance and do not obscure our view at all. While here a Short-eared Owl happened to fly by.  Not good photos but can tell it’s an Owl.  We also saw some Common Loons on Wonder Lake. 10:10am We are back on the bus and rolling. 10:20am We stopped because this spot has Fireweed and nice mountain views across the valley.  Task…  get both in focus. While working on the assignment a Northern Harrier flew past, between us and the mountains, diverting my attention from the task at hand. 11:08am We have stopped to look at Muldrow Glacier.  It is the result of three glaciers (Harper, Traleika & Brooks Glaciers) coming together near Mount Denali and forming Muldrow Glacier.  As it melts its meltwaters create the McKinley River. On the ride into the park Ryan talked about it but I never did see it.  Now I know why.  The glacier is large, fills the bottom of the valley we are in, but is hard to see because over the years it has become covered in dirt to the point that it is covered in plant life. In the photos the smooth green areas are tundra and the rough, edgy areas are glacier. 11:22am Cloud iridescence.  Basically a rainbow seen on a cloud’s surface. 11:32am Grizzly Bear in the distance on a far hillside. 11:35am Scenery from the bus while driving to our next stop. Someone spotted a Golden Eagle soaring near. 11:50am We have stopped at Eielson Visitor Center for the views and the bathrooms.  Pretty scenery.  Was hoping to see Hoary Marmots that hang out near the center, but they were in hiding. 12:30pm We stop at another scenic overlook.  The Stony Hill Scenic Overlook. 12:40pm We are, once again, on the bus and moving. 12:55pm We got off the bus and took a little bit of a hike from the road.  We walked a grassy ridge to its end and that became our picnic spot.  What a great way to enjoy lunch and good company. I did learn that unlike most places that demand that you don’t stray from designated paths and walkways, in Denali there are few trails and the proper walk method is to spread out and not walk in single file.  I guess it is to spread out the damage and not have any visible paths. Just as we started to walk back to the bus a Golden Eagle was soaring over our heads. 2:37pm Willow Ptarmigans on the Park Road and some hikers. 2:46pm We are stopped at the Eielson Visitor Center again.  And again no Marmots. 3:10pm Back on the bus and heading towards North Face Lodge. 3:46pm Ducks in a pond… more Greater Scaups. 4:05pm Once again, on the bus and moving. 4:20pm Back at North Face Lodge. 6:30pm The meal was:  salad with Sheep’s Ear lettuce with other greens (grown on site), Chicken with figs and olives couscous salad and kale, dessert was chocolate mousse-like with pistachios.  (the only moose/mousse Barbara has seen so far). After dinner each group is expected to have one person stand and talk about what they did that day.  The group that went out on the strenuous hike wrote a song to the tune of Sweet Caroline and sang it for the lodge.  I got it on my voice recorder for all to enjoy. 8:40pm Suitcases have to be out by 5:45am so Barbara and I went back to our room to try to get as packed as we can before we go to bed. They have an honor system for purchases at the lodge.  The store is there and available all the time.  You just take what you want/need and at the end of your stay there is a cash drawer where you cash yourself out.  Our bill came to $104.60, so I put $105 in the drawer.
July 23, 2017: Day 5
“Leave only footprints, Take only memories’ (…and maybe some pictures)
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Alaska Vacation
July 19, 2017 to August 2, 2017 The Ultimate Alaska Wildlife Photo Safari Barbara & John on Natural Habitat Adventures
July 23, 2017 Day 5
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