7:00am Turned on the TV and am sorry I did.  Just so depressing. Getting ready to go have breakfast.  We have to pack for our move to our next hotel/lodge.  Room is a mess but we will be ready! 9:00am We met up with Chris while waiting to be seated for breakfast and she joined us.  Breakfast was buffet style with many options.  Everything I had was very good.  Chris ate and left and soon after Milton joined us.  I felt bad leaving but we really needed to tend to our luggage and get them packed. As I was putting our suitcases outside our room they were picked up by two porters before I could even get the door shut. While waiting to get on the bus and start continue the adventure, Barbara & I explored the lobby area of the lodge.  There is a huge free standing (46’ floor to ceiling) fireplace made up completely of local river stones.  The rocks are from the Matanuska River, collected by the Colony High School football team in exchange for help with the purchase of new uniforms. 9:30am We are on the bus and just heading into Talkeetna to have a nice stroll through the village.  Maybe see the Mayor…  the Mayor is a cat. 9:40am We are parked and about to walk through the town of Talkeetna. 10:00am Justin points out an Alder tree with berries, also watermelonberry.  At the end of D Street is a river.  It is the at the juncture of 3 rivers, The Talkeetna River, The Little Susitna and Main Susitna. Justin stuck his hand in the river water to show how much suspended flour or silt there is from the glaciers feeding the rivers.  You could not see his hand more than a half inch below the water’s surface.  More like thin mud than a river. 10:47am Standing in front of Nagley’s Store.  We were hoping to see the Mayor of Talkeetna (an orange tabby cat), Mayor Stubbs,  but we have just learned that he died about a week before we arrived.  There is a new cat Mayor, but he wasn’t in the store. 10:49am The Historic Fairview Inn (1923).  Its claim to fame is that President Warren G Harding ate lunch at the Fairview Inn and died a few days later.  Apparently rumors of poison abounded at the time. 11:00am Lunch time at the Denali Brewing Company, Twister Creek Restaurant on D Street in Talkeetna. 12:05pm Just finished lunch.  Barbara had a Thai Coconut Vegetable Curry and I had a sandwich of shaved ribeye on pretzel bread with an au jus dipping sauce. 12:25pm We are back on the Magic Bus heading south towards Anchorage. 1:15pm Passing through Willow Alaska, the official start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  There is a celebration in Anchorage but due to lack of snow fall the dog sleds actually start the race in Willow. 1:43pm In and thru Wasilla, but we did make a quick stop for bathroom break at a Target store. 2:40pm Large airport in Anchorage, Merrill Field Airport, home to FedEx plane with UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage) logo.  The plane was donated to the university by FedEx for their Aviation program.  The plane is too large to take off from the airport so it will never leave. 3:05pm We stopped at Potter Marsh.  A large marsh area known, locally, for birds.  We have stopped to walk the boardwalk and take some photos. What we saw: Green-winged Teals, Greater Yellowlegs, Canada Geese (their heads just showing above the tall grasses), Muskrat, Glaucous-winged Gull harassing a Bald Eagle for a fish, King Salmon, Chum Salmon. 3:52pm Back on the Magic Bus heading towards our next hotel. Note: Justin explains how to remember Alaska’s Salmon species. It uses all five fingers: Thumb – Chum Salmon Index – Poke someone in the eye – Sockeye Salmon Middle – largest finger – King Salmon Ring – Silver Salmon Pinky – Pink Salmon 4:05pm We stop on the shoulder of the Seward Highway for pictures of Dall Sheep on a steep hill right near the road. 4:30pm We are back on the bus headed for our hotel in Girdwood. 4:40pm We are now in Girdwood. 4:53pm We are at our home for the next couple of nights.  The Alyeska Resort.  The place is huge. They have flowers everywhere. 5:00pm We are in our room at the Alyeska Resort.  We have been told that Alyeska is the correct spelling and pronunciation of Alaska.  As happens many times, when the Russian occupied the area they had problems using the native name of ‘Alyeska’ and changed it to Alaska.  The new name stuck. 5:40pm We are heading down to the lobby to meet Justin and the group to go to the mountain top for dinner. 5:45pm We are headed to the tram for a ride to the top of the mountain.  On the tram (only 2 cars, each hold a maximum of 60 persons, about 7 minutes trip) on our way to the top of Mount Alyeska to the Seven Glaciers Restaurant. 6:10pm We are sitting down to eat at the Seven Glaciers.  The name is supposed to reflect the number of glaciers that can be seen from the top.  But, alas, it started out hazy when we got to the top and then the clouds rolled in.  Didn’t see much. 9:20pm Dinner is over and, after a short wait, we take the tram back down the mountain to the hotel.  We walked around a little before heading up to our room. 10:00pm Just got back from dinner.  The food was delicious. Barbara had: Crab Cakes, ribeye steak & Baked Alyeska (an individual sized baked Alaska). John had: Tomato and cucumber salad, NY Strip Steak & Baked Alyeska (an individual sized baked Alaska). Bed time.
July 25, 2017: Day 7
“Leave only footprints, Take only memories’ (…and maybe some pictures)
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Alaska Vacation
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July 25, 2017 Day 7
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