“Leave only footprints, take only memories” (…and maybe some pictures)
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Year 2018
Spring flowers seem very appropiate for the heading of 2018.  This feels like we are entering the spring of the rest of our lives. Barbara and I both retired on the Twelfth day of January in the year 2018. We are very much enjoying our free time and our extra hours spent together. We can’t wait to see what adventures are waiting for us in the future!
Barbara’s Family Xmas January 14, 2018 Barbara, her family & John  The date varies each year, but they always manage to get together to celebrate.  This time a it was a couple of weeks into January.  Better late then never! Barbara & John Retire January 12, 2018 Barbara  & John  After a lifetime of working we both, finally, get to retire.  I know some would say that I was ‘retired in place’ before that date…  Close but not quite!  We are both looking forward to this, the first day of the rest of our lives. Albany Day Trip February 12, 2018 Barbara & John  I tried to do the NY State Retirement thing by mail and phone.  Just wasn’t working.  We drove up to Albany to get the paperwork done in one sitting, by one person.  We spent the rest of the day playing tourist and walking around the downtown Albany area. March Snow & Birds March 2018 John  We couldn’t believe how much snow we got and how late in the year it came.  Everyone was thinking spring but we were still plowing the driveways and shoveling the walks.  I hate winter! April Snows April 6 - 16, 2018 John  Did I mention that I hate winter?  More snow.  This time in April.  Not just April first or even early April.  Yuck!  Okay.  Enough is enough! Albany 3-day Trip April 17 - 20, 2018 John  It started when we decided to see a concert by the Pink Floyd tribute band, Brit Floyd in the Palace Theatre in Albany.  They do a great job sound like Pink Floyd.  We would have to find a hotel and spend the night, rather than drive home that late at night.  We decided to stay another two nights and see what we could of Albany.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites Albany-Downtown.  It is a very easy walk to the Palace theatre and a nice walk to the rest of downtown.  We did the NY Museum, a tour of the NY State Capitol Building, the observation deck in the Corning Tower & other things. Red Hook, NY Walk - Flowers April 22, 2018 John  Another 5 mile walk around the center of Red Hook, NY.  Again I carried a camera.  This time my focus was on spring and its flowers.  I had my macro lens on so I was somewhat restricted in what I could photograph. Red Hook, NY Walk - Eateries April 23, 2018 John  Another 5 mile walk around the center of Red Hook, NY.  And, once again, I carried a camera.  This time I concentrated on eateries.  i tried to photograph the places to eat as I walked past.  I only included places that serve food and have tables to sit and eat.  Order shown is order walked past.  Hannaford didn’t get in because, even tho they sell a lot of food, they have no tables to dine on.  Stewart’s Shops (both of them) are included because, they have tables to sit at to enjoy your ice cream or hot dog.  Inclusion on this page is NOT a recommendation.  I have not yet tried many of the restaurants shown here. Red Hook, NY Walk March 28, 2018 John  I have been trying to walk about 5 miles everyday the weather would allow.  Walking all the main sidewalks in the village is right around 4.2 miles.  I add a could of block detour on some back streets (Route 9 → Fraleigh St. → Phillips St. → Garden St. → Route 9) that makes the route just alittle over 5 miles.  This time I brought my camera to try and get some photos of the early flowers and some uniquely Red Hook pictures. Revolutionary War April 28, 2018 Barbara & John  We had recently watched a set of lectures on the Revolutionary War.  We decided visiting local sites would be a nice way to spend the day.  We stopped first at Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh, where he spent the winter of 1782/1783.  Next we went to the Cantonment in New Windsor, where the Continental Army spent the same winter.  Last we spent a few hours at the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.  The Purple Heart was fashioned after Washington’s Badge of Military Merit. Howe Caverns May 13, 2018 Barbara & John  Barbara has wanted to see Howe Caverns as long as I have known her (since 2010) and she found out they are fairly close to where I live.  We finally got to see them.  We drove over and spent the day at the caverns, museum & gift shop.  A very nice day and it was a beautiful day for a drive. Iroquois Indian Museum June 5, 2018 Barbara & John  We had to drive past the Iroquois Indian Museum when we went to Howe Caverns but decided to make it a separate trip so that we would feel rushed in the museum.  The museum is very interesting.  A lot of art work by Native Americans.  Stories about the tribes and people.  It was a great way to spend a day and a very informative time. Herkimer Diamond KOA Resort  June 8, 2018 Barbara, John & some of Barbara’s family  Spent 3 days & 2 nights at the KOA campground.  Will be my last.  Below is my opinion about our stay:  There are 5 cabins separate from the rest of the camping sites.  These 5 were basically in a construction zone.  No mention of that when we reserved the cabin.  Due to the construction the parking was not anywhere near the cabin we stayed in, like is was the last time.  The noise started early and lasted most of the day.  One morning, while my significan’t other was still in bed, two workers walked over and had a loud conversation right next to a bedroom window.  How rude!  If the owners had any respect for the paying customers they would not have rented out the cabins until the work was done.  Shame on you!!! Grey Foxes  June 18, 2018 Barbara & John  We watched a family of Grey Foxes in my yard. Vermont Holiday Celebration December 28, 2018 Barbara, Barbara’s Family & John  Barbara and I headed to Vermont to spend the day with Barbara’s family to celebrate the holidays.  Good food and great company!